Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pesaroso(okok this poem is from when i d8ted leslie,which we all know was a lonnnng tym ago ;) )

I want to disappear forever,
without you,
life is no fun,
my daily routines,
my daily look fowards to,
my whole life
is messed up,
i based it of off u.
the smiles u gave me,
ur laughsnd giggles,
they britten me when im down,
i know i said stuff that unpleased u,
i told u that not to hurt u l8r,
just because of this.
i cant stopp crying,
cause im not urs or ur not mine,
i gave u my first kiss,
my life,
nd my soul,
but after a while u rejected it,
is this how it will be?like this 4ever?
i miss u,
i love u
i worry bout u,
do u love me?
do u worry bout me?
do u miss me?
if i tell you will you stay?
willyou have to go?
will you be here forever?
i need u,
i miss u every second nd day,
i cant survie without u,
but will the sun nd moon be close once again?like b4?
i have shown u sides that noone has ever seen.
i trust u with all my heart,
do u trust me?
how a dsancer trusts there partner,
i have so many sides,
dont say u have to go,
i dont want to lose u ever,
like grains of sand slipping through my fingers,
untill i am with u again,
my heart aches,
and i noe ill be waiting for u,
but will u accept me back?
no one noes but u,
is this the way it will be now?
not trusting each other?
i wish i told you,
u would of stayed,
nd never went away,
but u had to leave,
nd all i said was good bye,
when i really wanted to say was that i love u,
but now,
u dont know if u love me 2,
it was a stupid mistake,
i regret everydayy,
what bout the adage "forgive nd forget"?
why doesnt that apply?
everysecond i wish u could belevie me nd know,
that i love u,
so all that is happening,
is that my eyes are shedding salty tears,
because of u not trusting or noeing that i love u,
i have nothing else to say but,
im sorry,

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