Thursday, April 23, 2009


I thought of you again,
unlike I usually do
it is not so great as I thought it would be.
The thought of you,and the knowledge you told me.
I somewhat wish i never asked.
I somewhat wish I could forget.
But I can't.
The pleasant thought of you will not leave.
But at the same time,the thoughts are not all so pleasant.
I know you think of me....or at least I hope you do.
For I know,I think of you.
But what you said is probably true..It wouldn't last,nothing ever will happen...
We are to cautious, we are both to scared..or at least i think that's the way it is.
Unless all you have told me is a lie,
or is it just something you said as an excuse to push me away from the truth?
I guess I'll leave,the thought behind, and I'll leave you alone...
Unless you want me to stay.............

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