Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Conclusion:

In conclusion..
The choice is made
the memories to fade
What happened to our love?
I wont say,what the heart may ask,
about our past and where it went..
for I do not know.

I loved you...
With all my heart,near apart,
lost in the endless dream of you and me,
only to be torn apart....

I don't know.
WHat to do or what to say...but I miss you....

Friday, June 12, 2009


All I want to do
is say how much i love you.
And when you're gone all i feel is blue....
The world has turned so many times,but it has never stopped at all...
Until you turned around and said I love you...

But what does that mean when I'm so blue....
all alone, without you....
You said you would protect me,you even said you could save me,and love me...
But yet all my thoughts are the endless nights
I have cried,because you have

I wish I didn't feel this way with you.
Wishing and praying don't get to far,
in the name of love.
It can only reach the minimum, if the stars shine tonight.
But look where we are,out of the sky ,baby these diamonds don't shine